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Coração Bobo swimwear is a unique breakthrough
in textile technology by minimizing tan lines

What makes your Coração Bobo so special?

Coração Bobo swimwear is made of a mesh with a special polyester and lycra yarn. The combination of both increases the passage of the sun rays in relation to conventional swimwear, minimizing the usual tan lines. In addition, the fabric is light, breathable, quick drying and all of our products are handmade in Portugal.






TAN THROUGH / Our fabric, scientifically developed and certified by Hohenstein Institute, is a selective UV filter that allows a more uniform tan, in a healthy way, with a constant protection equivalent to a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 10.

LIGHT / The fabric mesh adds lightness and freedom of movement. Thanks to the unique characteristics of the fiber, which can be stretched up to seven times its initial length, you can now feel comfortable all day long.

BREATHABLE / In addition to sunlight transmission, the fabric also increases the air flow. Therefore, your skin can breathe freely, triggering a feeling of freshness and keeping your body healthy.

QUICK DRYING / Due to the porosity of fabric, the water retention reduces significantly which allows the swimwear to dry more quickly. You can now say goodbye to the unpleasant feeling of being wet, you no longer need to wait for hours to get dry.

HANDMADE / The textile patterns are exclusive are hand-drawn by local artists. The garments are made in Portugal to ensure the best quality and that all workers involved are treated fairly and respectfully.

Fabric scientifically developed and certified by Hohenstein Institute

Tested in a certified laboratory - Hohenstein Institute, member of the “International Test Association for Applied UV Protection". The test method to which our fabric was subjected allowed to measure the UV protection factor according to Australia / New Zealand Standard AS / NZS 4399: 1996, calculated based on the spectrum of sunlight and the sensitivity of human skin. 


How it works? how to get tanned?

As mentioned previously, our fabric, made of a special polyester and lycra yarn, was scientifically developed to control the UV rays transmission. While common lycra totally blocks sun rays, our fabric increases its passage, minimizing the usual contrasts in the skin caused by sun exposure.

When filtering a portion of the sun rays, the use of Coração Bobo swimwear corresponds to a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) equivalent to 10, thus we advise to reinforce sun protection practices specially when it comes to the skin directly exposed.

Seams, folds and elastics – elements that difficult the transmission of sun rays – were minimized in order to a achieve a more effective result. Nevertheless, each skin has its own way of reacting to sun exposure and therefore it is impossible to predict and control the body’s natural response. Costumers must comply with our instructions in favor of good results.


 - The tanning process requires time. Sun exposure must be careful and progressive. We advise you to avoid peak hours and start with shorter periods of sunlight during the first days;
- Increase the level of sun protection of the skin that is directly exposed to the sun. Apply sunscreen before sun exposure and renew the applications during sunbathing and always after bathing;
- Those who have light-colored skin should use a higher SPF sunscreen. We recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30+;
- Avoid sunburn;
- Blonde and red-haired people, either with freckles or skin signals, should protect themselves against excessive UV exposure from the sun even more carefully;
- Drink enough fluids to ensure body and skin hydration as well as the maintenance of organic equilibrium;

* Compliance with instructions is essential to obtain results with our products. The performance will depend on the correct usage.

find out your skin type:

Before starting wearing your Coração Bobo swimwear, it is important to know your skin type. Our products are directly related to sun exposure, and as such, it is interesting to know your skin and how it reacts to sun exposure. Only then will you be able to achieve the best results. Clinically, each type of skin is characterized by its phototype which, in short, describes how the skin reacts to sun exposure. There are several factors that allow you to identify it, such as the color of the skin and the hair.

PHOTOTYPE IVery light skin, abundant freckles, blond or red hair, blue or green eyes, extremely sensitive to the sun, does not tan, always suffers burns.5 to 10 minutes
PHOTOTYPE IILight skin, few freckles, blond or dark blond hair, blue or green eyes, sensitive to the sun, tans slowly, prone to burns.5 to 10 minutes
PHOTOTYPE IIILight brown skin, no freckles, dark blond or brown hair, the color of the eyes is variable, slightly sensitive to the sun, tans progressively, if you don't protect yourself properly you can suffer burns.20 to 30 minutes
PHOTOTYPE IVModerate brown skin, no freckles, brown hair, dark eyes, tans easily, little prone to burns.40 minutes
PHOTOTYPE VDark brown skin, dark brown or black hair, dark eyes, tans a lot, does not suffer burns.50 to 60 minutes
PHOTOTYPE VIBlack skin, dark brown or black hair, dark eyes, does not suffer burns.+60 minutes
* the groups at greatest risk are those belonging to phototype I and II. The smaller the skin phototype, the greater the care with the sun should be, since the skin is more sensitive. In any case, although the tolerance to sun exposure is different, it is important that all skin types are protected. To check your skin type, consult a specialized doctor. The foregoing does not preclude medical evaluation.

* time until the skin turns red without any protection.

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