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tan through

Coração Bobo is a portuguese swimwear brand highly committed
to solve one of the biggest headaches of the female public:
minimizing tan lines

our story

We are graduated in Architecture at Instituto Superior Técnico and the idea came up in Brazil, in 2014, during our student exchange. At the time, we were studying at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of São Paulo and it was on one of our trips, through the beaches and tropical places, that we decided to create a swimwear brand that would minimize tan lines. Currently Coração Bobo is managed by one of the founders, Rafaela Monteiro.

how did the idea arise?

As a result of our experience: we are women and we love the beach, however tan marks are really a headache. To avoid them we commonly use several models of bikinis and one-pieces trying to achieve an uniform tan. So the first question arose: what if there was a one-piece that would let you tan?

And, incredibly, we found that there was a solution!

hard to believe, isn’t it?

Thanks to the advanced technology of the fabric, which allows the transmission of sunlight, it is now possible.
Thus, there are no longer reasons not to wear swimwear or to use multiple bikinis with different designs. 
Read more about our fabric in the web page CONCEPT.

the first piece

The first piece designed was, of course, a one-piece.

Fortunately, the one-piece fashion has been rescued and nowadays it is more likely to find women wearing it than a few years ago. In fact, we consider the one-piece to be an elegant piece that makes the female body slimmer. However, if we ask the vast majority of women why they do not wear a one-piece, the most common answer is: "I don’t wear a one-piece because I want to tan my belly!".

And, for this reason, it was a piece that clearly fitted our goals.

With the evolution of the project, and after a first collection with only one-pieces, we wanted to meet the most frequent requests from our customers: currently the collections are also composed with bikinis and we offer from size S to XL, depending on the models.

and why the name Coração Bobo?

The name was inspired by a Brazilian song of Alceu Valença: “Silly heart, ball heart, balloon heart, São João heart. We delude ourselves by saying, there is no more heart”. This spirit, so light, so carioca, is a genetic part of the image that we want to build and the spirit that we want all women to feel when they wear our products. The Coração Bobo woman loves the endless beach days, the bare feet in the sand, the salty water, the smell of the sea, a good conversation, enjoying the simplicity and the joy of life. She is a woman who likes to feel elegant, but at the same time values ​​comfort and well-being.

"the prettiest thing you can wear is a smile and a tan"


The design is a very important factor when projecting our collections which main goal is to enhance the feminine beauty while being young, comfortable and elegant. On the other hand, another goal has to be accomplished: minimize seams, folds and elastics - elements that does not allow the transmission of sun rays. It is in this commitment that Coração Bobo collections appear.

We want to be innovative in different fields, not only in the fabric, but also in the modeling and the textile patterns we present. It is important for us to break with current designs and introduce new shapes, colors and combinations. Thus, the patterns we present are exclusive and are the result of a long process of experimentation, based on manual techniques and working together with local artists.

Each collection is, for us, a creative process and a moment of great dedication at an artistic level because the end result is the search for the best manual techniques and communication tools for the product itself: everything is thought and realized in order to tell a story and we like that, in each collection, the consumer gets involved and identifies himself.

our values

We are a small-scale, family-run business that grew out of the entrepreneurship of three young architects. We are proud to don't have investment from third parties and, in fact, our biggest investors are our customers.

All of our products are produced by hand in Portugal, not only for the sake of quality, but also because we are able to guarantee that workers' rights are respected. In addition, we believe that it is also important to support national activities and the development of our own economy. That is why we try our best to ensure that both our suppliers and employees are national.

The importance of women is also very present. We are a women-to-women project: from design to development and project management, women participate in all stages. Our main concern is to value our role in society that has been underestimated for so long. And in fact, who will be able to respond better to our needs than us?