The orders made in the online store "" are governed by the Portuguese legislation. Shopping a product from Coração Bobo presupposes the reading of all information on this online store and for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions it is understood:

a) “Coração Bobo”, represented by Rafaela Guerreiro Piçarra da Cunha Monteiro, headquartered at Rua da Misericórdia 74 A, 2540-123 Bombarral, Portugal, VAT 252112423, holder of all copyright or related rights, as well as other rights that may be subject to protection provided for in the Industrial Property Code on the online store "" and supplier of goods available for ordering on the same site;

b) “Customer” means any natural person, not a trader, who places an order through the online store "".

Products and content

Allusive images to the commercialized products, diffused on the website and digital platforms, aim to be the most accurate and realistic, safeguarding possible color changes that result from the visualization in the different systems. All content, graphics and writings are property of Coração Bobo brand, duly registered and protected, reserving the right to totally change at any time the presentation and content of the web page. By accessing the web page the user automatically declares to know and accept the terms of condition of use.


Coração Bobo Shop guarantees that the commercialized products and services meet the proposed objectives. We also guarantee the careful communication of all specifications and rules of use of our products. The attainment of the proposed goals objectives will depend on the correct use of our products by the consumer and full compliance with the instructions available on the website The guarantee provided by the Coração Bobo does not, however, alter the right of the consumer to claim.


Complaints must be fully described and clearly presented within 10 days from the date of receiving the order. To make a complaint, go to our website footer and click on the 'Client Support' tab. Then select the 'Customer Support' theme and send a message with the following information:

1) order reference;

2) full name;

3) reason(s) of complaint.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation. Your complaint will be answered within 10 days from the date of claim. If a complaint cannot be resolved by mutual agreement then there is a dispute that is subject to the dispute settlement.

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