Customer reviews

(Customer) Order arrived! I wore it today! I loved it !!!! I was worried about the size, but the size chart is correct! Best fabric for a quick swim at the beach! Dry in two minutes! (Coração Bobo) Hi Vanessa. That's great, we are very happy! Thank you for sending your feedback.

(Customer) Hello, good afternoon! I just wanted to say that I have one of your bikinis and, in addition to being very beautiful, it is super comfortable. Furthermore, many congratulations on the photographs of your models, for not containing photoshop edition and for not hiding the folds on the belly, a bit of cellulite and so one, which we all have to deal with. Many congratulations!

(Customer) Please keep making underwire swimsuits!! My sisters and I are super fans!! (Coração Bobo) Thank you Sara, so good to know it!

(Coração Bobo) Thank you Coração Bobo! The truth is that the two swimsuits I bought from you are beautiful and very comfortable, as well as fitting perfectly! Thank you!

(Customer) Thank you for the incredible swimsuit.

(Customer) I will buy more!

(Customer) Love the swimsuit! Biggest fan.

I confirm! After 3 different models, there is no transparency and the fabric, in addition to being super comfortable, dries very quickly.

(Coração Bobo) I haven't had the chance to say it yet, but the swimsuit has arrived and I really like it!! The quality is great and I love the gold details. I can't wait to wear it. I will pay attention to your identification! Thank you.

(Coração Bobo) When I bought it in Ericeira, I wanted it with the tile-like pattern, but I bought just like this one and I loved it, I recommend it.

(Coração Bobo) Good morning! I just wanted to say that I placed an order online and it has arrived. Initially I thought I was wrong until I realized that you can make several changes to both the straps and the front! I really liked! Thank you.

(Coração Bobo) I really liked it. For the next collection I will want another one! Or on sale. They are super comfortable and cute.

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