A unique advancement in swimwear technology by

minimizing tan lines and helping to achieve an all over tan

what makes your Coração Bobo so special?

Coração Bobo swimwear is made of a micro-perforated mesh with a special polyester and lycra yarn. The combination of both increases the passage of the sun rays in relation to conventional swimwear, allowing to tan the skin underneath the fabric and minimizing the usual tan lines. In addition, the fabric is light, breathable and quick drying.





TAN THROUGH / Our tan-through fabric, scientifically developed and certified, is a selective filter of sun rays that allows a more uniform tan in a healthy way.

ULTRA LIGHT / The mesh of our tan-through fabric adds lightness and freedom of movement. Thanks to its unique characteristics, it is now possible to feel comfortable all day.

HIGHLY BREATHABLE / In addition to sunlight transmission, our tan-through fabric also increases the air flow. Your skin will breathe freely triggering a feeling of freshness.

QUICK DRYING / Due to the porosity of our fabric, water retention significantly reduces, allowing an extremely quick drying. You will no longer need to wait for hours to dry.


say no to strong tan lines

While conventional lycra totally blocks sun rays, our fabric increases its passage, minimizing the usual tan lines caused by sun exposure.

When filtering a portion of the sun rays, the use of Coração Bobo swimwear is equal to a sun protection factor (SPF) 10. It functions like a suntan oil with a sun protection factor.

After the first few uses, you will notice that your skin underneath the fabric will be slightly pink. It is the beginning of the tanning process. Every day after, as long as the exposure time is determined, the skin darkens and becomes a golden brown tan.

Seams, folds and elastics – elements that difficult the transmission of sun rays – were minimized in order to a achieve a more effective result.

scientifically developed and certified

Our tan-through fabric was scientifically developed to control sun rays transmission: it almost totally absorbs the UV-B rays and selectively transmits the UV-A rays.

Tested and certified by Hohenstein Institute, a member of the “International Test Association for Applied UV Protection". The method to which our fabric was subjected allowed to measure the UV protection factor according to AS / NZS 4399:1996.

The tests concluded that our tan-through fabric has a high level of sun rays transmission.


protect your skin

Our products are directly related to sun exposure, and as such, we remember that the skin directly exposed to sun presents higher needs of protection.

Since our tan-through fabric is equal to a sun protection factor (SPF) of 10, the better you uniformize the level of protection on the entire skin the better will be the results.

Besides, before start using your Coração Bobo swimwear, it is important to know your skin type and how it reacts to sun exposure. Clinically, each type of skin is characterized by its photo type which describes how the skin reacts to sun exposure.

how to achieve the best results?

Coração Bobo swimwear seeks to combine the natural concept of tanning with conscious sun exposure. In order to achieve the best results, it is very important to comply with our instructions * :

- Sun exposure must be careful and progressive, starting with shorter periods on the first days and avoiding peak hours;

- Increase the level of sun protection on the skin that is directly exposed to the sun;

- Blonde, red-haired and light-colored people skin should use a higher SPF sunscreen;

- Apply sunscreen before sun exposure and renew the applications during sunbathing and always after bathing;

- Avoid sunburn;

- Drink enough fluids to ensure body and skin hydration as well as the maintenance of organic equilibrium;

* Compliance with our instructions is essential since the performance of your Coração Bobo swimwear will depend on them. Be conscious that each skin has its own way of reacting to sun exposure and therefore it is impossible to predict and control the body’s natural response.


excellent to wear

Have swimsuits always bother you because they hinder your movements or are they extremely hot?

With its magical super stretch mesh, your Coração Bobo swimwear will be the most comfortable swimsuit you ever wore. It can be stretched up to three times its initial length. In addition, due to its breathable and light characteristics, it is now possible to make the most of your sunbathing, doing everything you want and avoiding your body sweating.

It is like a second skin, you'll barely feel it.

perfect for travelling

Isn't it a pain to travel with smelly fabrics that never get dry? Are you the one who always give up taking the last minute dive just to not follow the trip wet?

Your Coração Bobo swimwear will keep your travel backpack smelling fresh and you will never need to give up from diving. Now you can say goodbye to the unpleasant feeling of being wet. Our products, when exposed by day, go from wet to damp in 3 minutes and to completely dry within 10 minutes.

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