Frequently asked questions

In order to ensure the best experience with our products, we gather the questions that we are asked most often. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to send an email to our customer support team: We are always available to clarify.

How is it possible to tan with your swimwear?

Our fabric is a micro-perforated mesh made of a special polyester and lycra fiber. The combination of both increases the passage of sun rays in relation to conventional swimwear, minimizing the usual tan lines. It is, therefore, a selective filter of UV rays which allows a more uniform tan, in a healthy way, presenting a constant Solar Protection Factor (SPF) 10.

Do you have tests that prove their effectiveness?

Yes, our fabric has been scientifically developed and has undergone laboratory tests which prove their effectiveness.

And don't they really let tan lines?

Our fabric allows sun rays to pass through about 5x more than conventional swimwear: it has a constant Solar Protection Factor (SPF) 10 while common lycra has a SPF 50. Therefore, it clearly minimizes tan lines and can even cancel them. The results achieved depend, however, on the type of skin and its own way of reacting to sun exposure as well as the compliance of the instructions on the CONCEPT page.

How can I get the achieve the best results?

o achieve the best results, we recommend that you follow the precautions listed on the CONCEPT page. We note that it is extremely important not to get sunburns and often put sunscreen on the skin that is directly exposed to the sun, thus uniforming the level of sun protection across the skin.

And how quickly can I tan the skin underneath the fabric?

The intensity and duration of tanning depends on many factors, the main one being the level of melanin in the skin. In the first days of sun exposure, we recommend the use of SPF 30+ sunscreen on the body that is not covered by the fabric. Thus, the skin has more time to get used to tanning, especially in areas that have never been exposed to the sun.

Should I put sunscreen on the skin under the fabric?

If you want to increase the level of sun protection on the skin under the fabric, yes. However, we remind you that, to minimize tan lines, the level of sun protection on your entire skin should be the same. We recommended you to reinforce the sun protection of the skin that is directly exposed to the sun.

I got tan lines of the swimwear straps and now?

Elastics and seams are elements that avoid the passage of sun rays and, because of that, we recommend to currently change the position of the straps during sunbathing. On the other hand, since the chest area is, as a rule, where the incidence of sunlight is greatest, showing more traces of redness after sun exposure, we advise you to rest the skin and only after analyze the results achieved. You will find that the tan lines are not so strong as usual.

Does the your fabric look transparent when worn?

Our bikinis and swimsuits go through a long design process in order to guarantee the non transparency of the fabric when worn. That's way we do not have monochrome products. They have already been worn and tested by countless women, and they offer full coverage. The only exceptions are when lighter colors cover dark nipples, which prove to be slightly transparent on a small proportion of ladies.

And when does it go to the water?

No, the textile pattern design process involved tests on water.

Do you have single color products?

No, we do not have single color products. The textile patterns are subject to a detailed study in order to guarantee the greatest effectiveness and to cancel the apparent transparency of the fabric.

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